Featured Projects

Gateway Project

Xsite has recently acquired 27 acres, marking the initiation of Dixon, IL's most significant commercial development in more than ten years. This ambitious project has garnered substantial support from the city, enabling us to secure $7M in Tax Increment Financing (TIF) funding through collaboration with various state representatives. Promisingly, we have already finalized agreements with reputable entities, including Marriott for a hotel, Casey's for a fuel center, Chipotle, a standalone childcare facility in partnership with the local YMCA, and a fully leased multi-tenant building. Anticipated to serve as a pivotal milestone, this venture sets the stage for future large-scale deals.

Location: Dixon, il

Victoria Development

In May 2021, Xsite made a strategic move by acquiring 8.14 acres of land, which marked the beginning of an exciting development journey. Building on an existing partnership, Xsite secured a long-term commitment from Burger King, who signed a 20-year lease agreement. Further progress was made when Xsite entered into a build-to-suit (BTS) contract with Dunkin. Expanding their portfolio, Xsite successfully negotiated a contract with Sun Holdings for three additional lots, including Arby's, Taco Bueno, and McAlister's. Notably, one of the lots was successfully sold to Blue Wave car wash, completing the transaction in 2022. Presently, Xsite fully owns the remaining lot, spanning over 8.5 acres, and eagerly awaits the ideal user to make the most of this prime real estate opportunity.

Location: Victoria, TX

Bolingbrook Development

In 2022, Xsite made an astute investment by purchasing a highly desirable 4-acre development site situated on Boughton Rd in Bolingbrook, IL. Demonstrating swift action, Xsite quickly sold two acres of the property to a storage user under advantageous terms. This strategic move not only facilitated the acquisition of the initial purchase but also enabled Xsite to secure 100% financing. In addition, a ground lease with Scooter’s Coffee was executed in April 2023. At Xsite, our team takes great pride in diligently identifying the most effective and financially advantageous structures for each project we undertake.

Location: Bolingbrook, il

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